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Open and Transparent

DopeCoin is fully open-source coin. The source code of the currency is available on Github, and everyone can make changes and bring his suggestions.


Safer Than Bitcoin

DopeCoin launches with stronger encryption and dramatically faster transaction speeds compared to Bitcoin. We will implement anonymous transactions in the coin soon. Stay tuned!


Strong Community Support

This project was created by the people for the people. Some of the brightest and boldest of minds are responsible for DopeCoin's launch and development. Join the community today!


Tremendous Potential

This currency was designed to provide a billion dollar marketplace with a safer and faster way of doing business. Additional layers of protection make DopeCoin a clear choice.

Latest News


DopeCoin team made significant changes to DopeCoin code. If you have old V2 version, you should swap your old coins to the new ones.

Swap Page

Bounties and Funding

The Dopecoin project is a community effort and some members have asked us to set up a system to accept donations for bounties for various projects.

Bounty Page

The World Is Changing

Whether governments like it or not, crypto-currency technology represents the most significant innovative breakthrough in the money industry, ever. Despite likely future attempts to suppress this technology it is not going to go way.

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