What is the technology behind DopeCoin?

DopeCoin is an online financial network and currency that people can use to send payments from one person to another. It is very similar to Visa and PayPal however, it is not owned or profited from by any one person or company.

Who owns DopeCoin?

No one owns or controls the DopeCoin network. DopeCoin works on a peer-to-peer structure and functions by using hundreds of computers all over the world to create it’s online infrastructure.

How do I make a transaction?

You can send or receive DopeCoin’s by generating an address from your wallet or coin exchange. Simply copy and paste the address that you want to send or receive to and your all set.

Are transactions reversible?

All DopeCoin transactions are permanent and irreversible. Make sure that you are absolutely certain about where you are sending your DopeCoin’s because once the transaction is executed it is impossible to reverse the transaction. When sending large amounts of DopeCoin’s it is always recommended to send a small test transaction first to confirm everything is in order.

How long does a DopeCoin transaction take to execute?

DopeCoin transactions execute almost instantly and can be considered authentic within a minute after sending. After a DopeCoin transaction is sent it begins to be confirmed by the network within 10 minutes. For larger transactions ($1K+) it is recommended to wait for 6 confirmations before considering a transaction completely irreversible.

What is the 5% staking bonus all about?

You are rewarded for owning DopeCoin’s by receiving a staking bonus of 5%. All you have to do is simply have your DopeCoin’s in your desktop wallet and have your wallet open to receive your bonus.

Are DopeCoin’s a safe investment?

DopeCoin is an experimental technology and monetary system that is currently very volatile. You should not consider DopeCoin a safe investment and are advised to proceed at your own risk. Never risk any amount money into an investment that you are not prepared to lose.

What does the future hold for DopeCoin?

DopeCoin is working to establish itself as a long-term brand and community for crypto-currency and marijuana enthusiasts. Our long-term goals include DopeCoin being used to make real-world purchases and building a large, dedicated user-base.