12/30/2017 – World-Wide

Crypto Billings Full Release: 

Live Sign-ups, WordPress Plug-in, API to Accept Dopecoin (DOPE) Payments Launches


The Dopecoin (DOPE) development team is pleased to announce the launch of the full release of Crypto Billings.   Crypto Billings is a custom built from scratch payment gateway designed to create a seamless experience for e-commerce merchants to integrate cyrptocurrency payments into their online retail operations.


Currently Supported:


• Full support for Dopecoin.

• An easy to install WordPress plug-in for the popular e-commerce platform WooCommerce.

• A PHP plug-in available on Github for developers to manually integrate Crypto Billings into their e-commerce platforms

• Working API displays pricing with up to the minute accuracy and securely processes payments


Future Development


Although Crypto Billings is now 100% operational its development is ongoing.  User Interface Improvements,  Invoicing, and 2 Factor Authentication are on the way.  In addition the platform will be expanded to include support for the following:

Additional Currencies

Crypto Billings is already in the process of developing support for Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), and Dash (DASH).   The team is open to considering the addition of other popular cryptocurrencies but for now DOPE will remain the exclusive marijuana themed cryptocurrency to be supported by Cyrpto Billings.   Tokens from the Smoke Exchange will also be supported when the advertising platform is launched in Q1 2018.


Additional Platforms and Plug-ins 

Crypto Billings is designed to facilitate a seamless process to make it as easy as possible for merchants and e-commerce developers to add cyrptocurrency payments to their online retail platforms.   The development of additional plug-ins for the most popular e-commerce platforms is already underway.   In the near future Crypto Billings will also offer easy to install plug-ins for OSCommerce, Magento, and OpenCart.

Huge Step Forward for Dopecoin and The Smoke Exchange


Dopecoin founder, Adam Howell, heralds this release as only the beginning of what he is calling “an avalanche” of development related releases and partnership announcements in the near future.  These developments are poised to rapidly propel the cryptocurrency towards its ultimate goal of mass adoption by the mainstream legal marijuana industry.    “The Crypto Billings release lays the foundation of everything that is on the horizon, it paves the way forward.  Crypto Billings is the bridge that ties it all together.  Our team has been working tirelessly to create the infrastructure necessary to ignite the synergy between DOPE and The Smoke Exchange (SMX) advertising platform that will ultimately guarantee the success of both projects.  I want to thank our development team for all their hard work and say congratulations to our community, today is a day for us to celebrate”.




Exchanges & Availablity

Currently, Dopecoin (DOPE) is actively traded and available for purchase on the following exchanges:  Bittrex and Cryptopia.

Currently, the SMX tokens from round 1 of the ICO funding have been released to investors.   SMX tokens have not yet been listed on any public exchange.   Tokens are now available again to the general public again during the second phase of ICO funding (without the bonuses offered to those participated in  Round 1) from December 22, 2017 until the Public Beta release and exchange listing of The Smoke Exchange scheduled for Q1 2018.


Dopecoin Specifications:

Total: 200,000,000
Outstanding: 117,066,658 DOPE
Algorithm: Proof Of Stake (V3)
POS Interest: 5% annual
Block Time:  90 seconds

Dopecoin Wallet Download Links:
PC   MAC  Linux


More Information:

Dopecoin Official Website
Dopecoin Official Bitcointalk thread

Smoke Exchange Official Website
Smoke Exchange Bitcointalk thread


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