Dopecoin (DOPE) & The Smoke Exchange (SMX):
Together They Intend To Revolutionize The Legal Marijuana Industry and Rock CoinMarketCap.

World-Wide 12/03/2017


Dopecoin (DOPE) and The Smoke Exchange (SMX) have reached milestones in building out the infrastructure of their partnership that seeks to use cryptocurrency to solve one of the legal marijuana industry’s biggest underlying challenges.  Thus far, the burgeoning industry has suffered from restricted access to quality advertising channels that meet and serve their needs.    The innovations between DOPE and SMX intend to rectify this problem in what some are calling “a game changer” for the industry.  At the same time they are providing a true incentive for the industry’s businesses to actually embrace and adopt the use of their cryptocurrency in day to day operations.  Their unique approach scales way beyond the common, and thus far failed, theme of every other “weed coin” attempting only to provide an alternative financial instrument to an industry that has restricted access to banking.


Google Adwords for Weed?


Currently, traditional marketing channels like Google Adwords, Facebook, Outbrain, Taboola, etc.  have outright banned the multi-billion dollar legal marijuana industry from utilizing their services.   Most websites in the industry currently have very limited or no access to advertising at all.  The only options that are available are traffic packages from obscure and disreputable marketing agencies that are stuffed with low quality surplus that only generate revenue for the middlemen and publishers.   There is no way to optimize or track conversions.


The Smoke Exchange Solution


The Smoke Exchange will deliver a revolutionary self-serve advertising platform specifically designed to benefit the currently underserved and ever expanding legal cannabis market worldwide.  Its implementation will represent a digital marketplace that will enable advertisers and publishers to buy and sell advertising space on a real time auction based bidding platform.

The Smoke Exchange successfully completed its first round of ICO funding which concluded on November 13th, 2017.   A working Alpha Prototype had already been developed prior to the first round of ICO funding.    With the necessary funding secured, the development team has been hard at work building out the Public Beta scheduled to be released early in Q1 2018.


The Synergy Behind SMX and DOPE


The development team behind The Smoke Exchange are also the founders of Dopecoin.   Adam Howell, aka Dopey, originally launched Dopecoin on Feb. 14, 2014 as the very first marijuana themed crytpocurrency.   His agenda was always to have DOPE become the industry leader and preferred method of cryptocurrency payment for the marijuana industry.   He left the project after the first year when the reality set in that not only was the world not yet ready for the mass adoption of cryptocurrency, but that DOPE was lacking a true compelling reason to be adopted over BTC.  Adam returned to the project in January of 2017 and re-launched v4 of Dopecoin (Dopecoin Gold).   The impetus for his return was the epiphany of tying DOPE to a real world asset by launching a marijuana-specific advertising exchange and growing sense that world was finally approaching the point of being ready for the mass adoption of cryptocurrency.

Currently, The Smoke Exchange plans to accept and pay out in the following cryptocurrencies:  BTC, ETH, SMX, and DOPE.    However, the exchange rate will be calculated to give buyers and sellers a 10% bonus ONLY for using DOPE.   So, a $10,000 advertising budget becomes an $11,000 budget in DOPE.   A $5000 payout for publishers becomes a $5500 payout.   This, of course, will make DOPE the preferred payment method on The Smoke Exchange.


Finally, the two nagging questions that everyone involved in the project have always asked have been answered.


  1. What is going to compel business owners in the marijuana industry to embrace crytpocurrency as payment?   Access to advertising.


  1. Why should they embrace DOPE over BTC?  Financial incentive.


DOPE Development


Howell has recognized the necessity to build out the infrastructure for DOPE in anticipation of mass adoption by marijuana dispensaries and other industry players.  He also knows that the process needs to be as easy and seamless as possible.  In response, he has coordinated a fast track development team that has been working to develop a payment gateway for DOPE.   Once that is completed plugins will be available for major e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce and Magento to accept BTC, ETH, SMX token, and DOPE directly on their websites and where they can choose to  instantly convert those payments into advertising budget, hold reserves in anticipation of appreciation, liquidate to an exchange, or split according.


Going Forward


Howell is extremely optimistic about the future of both projects.   “We have the first mover advantage, being the first ever marijuana themed cyrptocurrency [DOPE] and the first ICO blockchain solution of its kind [SMX].   I have no doubts about the success of both projects going forward.   By the time the community fully understands the implications of this partnership and the synergy between these projects… that mass adoption is now inevitable….  I expect us to be the undisputed market cap leader among the marijuana related cryptocurrencies [DOPE] and have some very happy ICO investors [SMX].    We are working relentlessly towards this end.   We are the only [marijuana themed] coin [DOPE] that has a vision, a plan, and an active development team.  Many exciting developments for SMX, DOPE, the legal marijuana industry, and the cryptocurrency community are on the horizon”.


Anticipate a flurry of activity and press releases in the coming weeks and months as new developments are released and new industry partnerships are to be announced.






Exchanges & Availablity

Currently, Dopecoin (DOPE) is actively traded and available for purchase on the following exchanges:  Bittrex and Cryptopia.

Currently, the SMX tokens from round 1 of the ICO funding have been released to investors.   SMX tokens have not yet been listed on any public exchange.   Tokens will become available to the general public again during the second phase of ICO funding (without the bonuses offered to those participated in  Round 1) that will coincide with the Public Beta release of the The Smoke Exchange in early Q1 2018.


Dopecoin Specifications:

Total: 200,000,000
Outstanding: 116,404,618
Algorithm: Proof Of Stake (V3)
POS Interest: 5% annual
Block Time:  60 seconds

Dopecoin Wallet Download Links:
PC   MAC  Linux


More Information:

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